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Is Their Any Value In Getting a link From Website Directories

So What Are Website Directories?

Directories are a lot like search engines, but there is a significant differences between them. Directories are places where people go to find a website. Just like yahoo has a search engine, yahoo also has a directory. Just because you are listed in yahoo, that doesn’t mean that you’re listed in yahoo’s directory. In the past directorys used to be a valuable resource. and in some cases they are. is any example of aa useful directory but even that is starting to become less valued these days. Depending on what the directory is focusing on will determine if the directory has value or not.

Can directories boost your traffic?

It used the be that the most important directories out their were Yahoo and the DMOZ (Open Directory Project). These Directories used to add value and traffic to your website. I would still consider Yahoo to have some value but only from a linking stand point. Unless the Yahoo directory page you submit to is ranking for your keyword search term I really don't think this will help bring any kind of traffic to your webiste. When yahoo first started they were a directory. then they got into the search game. while you can still look through the directory this is a different section then their search results. Yahoo is becoming less valued even these days a search engine. So if the traffic you receive from Yahoo is a lot less these days then the directory is going to bring you even less traffic. This and the fact that it cost you about $300.00 a year to be listed. Don't underestimate the value of having a link from the yahoo directory can give you. As this is still consider a high quality link in Googles eyes. The biggist question you have to ask yourself, is it worth it, and do I have the budget for it?

The DMOZ (Open Directory Project) is now up for sale

The DMOZ Directory is the equivalent to the Holy Grail (almost) when it comes to link juice for Google SEO. For years, DMOZ has been considered the first "port of call" when starting your link building journey in any SEO campaign. Now the directory, which Google has openly endorsed for its relevance value (Google basically replicates it for its own directory), is primed for purchase. DMOZ is on the verge of being bought by the owners of BOTW Directory (Best of the Web).

DMOZ is currently owned by AOL, and is run as highly moderated free directory. Given AOL's recent efforts to offload divisions that don't fit with the company's new direction, the DMOZ sale makes sense. More so when you consider it has no obvious revenue model, other than a sell off.

BOTW is also a well respected directory, which carries significant weight in Google's ranking algorithm. However, unlike DMOZ, BOTW is a directory that charges about $250 to have your site reviewed. They bypass Google's "paid link" issue, by asserting that the fee is purely for reviewing your submission, and it offers no guarantee of inclusion in the Best of the Web Directory.

I for one am happy to say good bye to that old dinosaur. Getting a link in the DMOZ is a long process that can take from to 6 months to two years. It's out dated and I think webmaster will be happy not to have to deal with them. Paying $250 is a much better investment than the time it take to get indexed in the DMOZ.

The real question is will getting lots of link from directories help imporve my ranking

This used to be a great methoid of boosting your raanking and even getting traffic to your website. But with all the changes that are being made to search engine algorithms this was considered a weak point as far as Google was concered and has placed less value than it once did in the past. So for a long term strategy don't waist to much time on directory link building as does not have the same impact it used to. It's always a good idea to diversify your link building campaine but to make it effective you need to fouces on only the top directories. One last think to help you on your journey, don't bother submmiting to directories that doan't have at least a 2 page rank from their home page.