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(UK Issues) What Is A Detagged Domain?

Lets Take A Look At What A Detagged Domain Is

So this section talks about detagged domains. You should know that before you continue, only a .uk domain extension can be detagged.

So What Is A Detagged Domain Name?

A domain which is not being controlled by a Nominet Member and which has therefore lost its tag. A tag is a special code assigned to a domain name company or agent when they join Nominet - the UK based controller of all domain names. These companies have the ability to register, change and control domain names. When a domain name does not have an agent or company to which it belongs, it is given the name detagged. A domain name that has been detaagged is no longer hosted on a valid Domain name server.

So How Can My Domain Name Be Come Detagged?

Only a domain registration service or agent can detag a domain name. This happens if the relationship between a domain name owner and agent expires, for example if the registration fee or renewal fee is not paid. It is however not necessarily an indication of whether a domain name is paid for or not.

How Can I tell If A Domain Name Is Detagged?

You will probably notice that the email or web site associated with the domain name has stopped working. You can check the status of the registration by doing a WHOIS look-up on Nominet's website at that will indicate if the domain name is detagged.

My Domain Name Is Detagged - What Can I Do?

To restore a detagged domain, the registrant will need to pay a tag change fee of £15+VAT as of January 2004 to nominet via a registration service. Nominet charges a higher fee to deal directly with the owner.

Can I Register A Detagged Domain Name?

A detagged domain name is still registered to the original registrant, and it remains as such until it is either renewed by the current registrant, or it is cancelled. Once cancelled, it immediately becomes available for registration on a first-come, first-served basis.

How long does it take for a Detagged Domain Name
To Become Available For Registration?

Nominet has a duty to contact the registrant of a detagged domain name to confirm that they do not want to renew the domain name before it can be cancelled. This process can be time consuming, especially if the database holds poor quality contact information for the registrant. However, once the registrant has confirmed they no longer require the domain name, the registration will be suspended after 21 days and then cancelled between 6-8 weeks after that.

Why Does Nominet Not Publish Exact Dates For When
Domain Names Are Cancelled?

Giving an exact date would compromise Nominet's policy of allocating domain names on a first-come, first-served basis. It could lead to an increase in speculative applications for domain names, which may result in an abuse of Nominet's registration automated systems.