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Domain Names - Thinking About The Future

What To Consider When Choosing A Domain Name

If your looking to start a business, you should think about the future. Say I'm looking to start a carpeting company called Ted's Carpeting. Nowadays everything is going towards the online world. Even if your bussines model is offline you should still consider the fact that in the future you will be taking your business also online. In this case it you should pick a domain name the same as your business name. That way when you do take your business online you will have your company name already registered. This could be important because people are always thinking about domain names they could buy or sell for profit. Later when you do decide to take your business online you will already have your domain name.

When starting or if you own a company already and have not registered a domain name, you should purchase one right now. The cost for the domain name is minimal maybe $10 per year. A small price for your company branding. Also an advantage to this is, when you do decide to build a website you'll already have it avalible to use right away when you need it.

A Domain Name - Your Business & the Future

Most people are so used to the phone book where business can be located alphabetically. Don’t be surprised if there are those that simply guess that your domain name is simply the name of the company. For those consumers it can be a little frustrating to open up the browser, type in the name and come up empty. With businesses in the local market you should consider a domain name that is ether a keyword domain name or a name that is the same as your company name. If you already have branding for your company then consider how much business you could lose if you do not have a domain name the same as your business. If your just starting a business then this is a good time to consider a keyword domain name.

Obviously .com is the perferred domain of choice when picking a domain name. However other extensions are avaliable to provide the opportunity for flexibility in domain name choices.

Securing Your Domain Name Now Will Help Your Online Business

If you decide to register a domain name at a later date, the domain name might already be taken. Then you will have to settle for a domain name that is less usefull or it could end up costing big bucks to get the domain name you want to use. Since somebody thought of that domain already and registered it before you had a chance.