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Search Engine Submission - Submit your website To Google, Yahoo & MSN

A Look At Search Engines

Search engines are one of the most important ways to gain traffic. Yahoo, Google, and MSN are the top search engines. They receive more hits than you could ever even dream of. By submitting your website it be listed in their search results, you'll be able to capture a small part of the huge audience that use search enginess every day. This section will talk about the search engine submission process in detail.

Where To Submit & How?

Before you can submit you need to find a place to submit to. It’s recommend that you focus your search engine submission efforts to the top search engines, as they are capable of providing you with serious traffic. It' recommened that you focus your effort on the top 3 as they control 95 percent of all search done on the web. You should know that the work doesn’t stop when the search engine submission process is complete. It's only the beginning when trying to rank for your keyword nitch.

Should I Submit One Page Or All Of Them?

You really only need to submit you main page to Google, Yahoo & MSN. Submitting a sitemap is one of the best ways to get all you pages indexed.

Are You Really Ready To Submit Your Website?

I would not recomemnd submiting your website unless you have done everything as far as search engine optimmization goes. As it will take time to respider you entire website. This could take a month or 2 depending on your online marketing efforts.

I'm Ready to submit my webpage to Google Yahoo & MSN.

In the following links below, I have done all the hard work of finding out where to submit your URL to. Simply click the links and it will take you to the pages you need to submit your URL to.

Submit to Google
Submit to Yahoo
Submit to MSN

I've Submitted My URL - How Do I Know If My Pages Have Been Indexed?

This can be done by doing a simple search. You can usually find your webpages/website by entering your URL into the search field.

Example –

If I wanted to search for the every pages index in the search engine I perform a search like this

Example -

By placing site: before the URL I'm telling the search engines is to look for all the webpages that are indexed in their search results. If you can't find your pages, it might be that they are not included in the index. If that is the situation, don't panic. It always takes the search engine a while to index content after it has been submitted, so be patient. Don't resubmit the pages unless it has been about three weeks since you submitted and you still can't find them in the database. In some cases, the pages have not been indexed because their design or file type is incompatible with the search engine.

Tips For Getting Indexed Fast

Search engines follow links, they also index websites that are never submitted at all. After submitting a URL you should create links back to your the same URL you submitted. By doing this I was able to get this site indexed in under 5 days in both Yahoo, and Google. This was done simply by just creating links. Just for the record you only need about 3 or 4 quality inbound links to get indexed.

If I'm Not Indexed Quickly Should I Resubmit To The Search Engines

You should only resubmit when there’s a need to do so. Some people say that you should resubmit every two weeks or every month. I say to you - don't listen to them. Resubmitting just for the sake of doing so does you more harm than good. Some search engines appear to slightly prefer older pages over brand new pages, so by resubmitting when you really have no need to do so, you're wasting your time and perhaps even damaging your ranking.

I've Submitted My URL How Do I Build The links I Need?

Getting Links back to your site helps search engine spiders to come and index your site. Once they decide to spider your website they will then crawl the rest of your pages. After that you will listed in Google, Yahoo and MSN. Their are many ways to get links, but if your can get links from good trust worthy sites with High PageRank that's related to your site. This will help you get indexed very quickly.

A great way to build a couple of link back to your website is by signing up in forums and create a profile. These always have a homepage link. It would work better if you decided to join a forum that's related to your website. You can create a signature in your profile and add a link for every comment you make. The best thing is to make meaningful comments. Don't start advertising, as this can back fire your efforts. Most forum have a welcome section and invite you to say hello to everyone. Also don't post to many comments at a time as this will be considered spam and the moderators will deleate your profile and your comments. You should always be respectful at all time. Think of how you would feel if some came on your website.