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Selecting A Domain Name

Choosing A Domain Name - Build Your Site For Search Engines and People Too

There are many factors to keep in mind when choosing a domain name. A good domain name should be short, and easy to spell. You can avoid this by not using a long domain name. This will help internet users who are trying to find your website, and they’ll also remember your name much easier. The keywords used in your domain name should be descriptive. This will also help the internet users to memorize your domain name.

You should be sure to include a domain name that is unique and also one that’s keyword rich. Using more than one keyword on your domain name will help you rank you in search engines. This in turn is your first step towards targeted traffic. Use more than 3 keywords can damage the results and have a negitive effect. The longer you make your name the higher the chances are for your vistor to misspell your name. Try not to use more than 2 Or 3 keywords. Another drawback is that your email address will be longer too.

Subdomains Make Your Site Invisible - Use A Real Domain Name

When building your website. The most important decission you will make is wheather you decide to use a free(subdomain) or paid domain name. You should always choose a paid domain name. Subdomains make it impossible for search engines to find you. They might place you in the wrong category or worse not even index you at all. Another factor to consider in choosing a domain name is the use of hyphens (-). For Internet users the domain name without a hyphen will be easier to remember and the one with hyphens tend to bring confusion to users. You should try to avoid using hyphens, or slashes in your domain name unless you cannot avoid it.

Avoid Using Numbers In Your Domain Name

You should also try to avoid using numbers in your domain name. Using number can lead to confusion. You can however use a unique brand name for your website. This is great if your company is already known. Selecting a good business and domain name can draw traffic. Thus making your website more visible.