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A Domain Name: The Remembrance Factor

Things To Think About When Choosing A Domain Name

When your choosing your domain name it’s tempting to choose a name based on convenience, or to accept a suggestion from your web hosting company. Is this not the right approach?

If you have a business named Union Brothers, it would likely be best for you to acquire the domain name Some people might try a domain name like They might even try The result is a cute factor in their domain name. This result in most cases can easily be forgotten.

They might try to abbreviating the domain name.

Invariably your abbreviation will be different than the way others might shorten it. In the end your potential customers get confused with the domain name you’ve chosen. If your still developing your online business, it might make sense to investigate several business names, before you choose your domain name.

By simultaneously branding your business name with your domain name you will find it much easier for clients and potential customers to locate your site.

Another Approach When Choosing A Domain Name

It’s possible to choose a different name other than your business name, but you will have to work extensively to market the new domain name. Some existing businesses have used their toll-free number as way to find out about their online identity. There is a well-known flower distributor that lists their online presence with their 800 number (1800-flowers) and work hard to brand that domain name along with the toll free number for contact. In essence they kill two marketing birds with one domain name. What ever your branding may be, it's still an online world. Not to consider your company branding when registering a domain can be a major mistake that could come back to haunt you in the not so far future.

Some people make the mistake of choosing a subdomain and free hosting. The belief is that this no-cost solution is a help to the development of their online company. Most of these subdomains are largely ignored by online users and may not rank well at all in search engines. Another draw back is that free hosting usually places their own adds on your website outside of your control. Plus with hosting as cheap as it is these days and a domain name as less than $10 there really is no excuse not to get professional webhosting and a domain name.

It might be a good idea to choose a domain name that’s easy to remember if for no other reason, than the fact it is your actual business name. Remember that people have very short attention spans. It should be short and easy to remember!