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Link Popularity - Links More In-Depth

Link popularity is the amount of links pointing to your Domain name (the amount of links other websites have pointing to your website). Link popularity is starting to become one of the most important factors when search engines rank your website. A website with heavy link popularity will have top search results.

Search engines are placing more and more weight to how many other websites are linking to your website. Factors to consider, What kind of sites they are and what kind of text is located in/near the links. It seems that links from sites dealing with the same subject as you and links from very popular sites can help your ranking in search engines. The logic is this, if other peopler condsider your website a valuable resource they will often times give you a link from their website back to yours. They also consider the fact that if your website has little or no value a at all they will not link back to your website. Thus, the Top 10 places on the search results will be filled with websites people regard as useful.

How To Build Your Link Popularity

An emphasis on link popularity makes two things even more important. Content, quality content ensures that other webmasters link to your website. They do this because they think your website is a valuable resource to their visitors. So by linking to your website they give you traffic from their links and also a boost in search engine ranking. Reciprocal links is when a website links to you and you in turn link back to their website.

Link-Share Services/Link Farms Will Get You Banned!

These programs have produced positive effects in the past, but many search engines now regard them as spam and will penilize or even ban websites that participate in these programs. Additionally, given the current emphasis on links from similar sites by the search engines, they are in most cases completely useless or even harmful, which is why I would strongly recommend that you do not participate in them.

Acquiring Links By Using Reciprocal Links

When acquiring links by using reciprocal links or any other methods, try to get your primary keywords into the link text. For example, getting someone to link to my URL like this –

Domain Information Resource

If you still don’t understand the code would look like this –

<a href="”>Domain name information</a>

On the other hand, a link such as click here wouldn't be as good, because it doesn't contain any words that are related to domain information resource. You can aid this process by naming your domain name so that it contains at least one of your important keywords. People often times will use the title of your Domain name when linking to you.

A Word On Reciprocal Links - You Need BackLinks

Gone the days when reciprocal links were thought of by search engines as useful. This method of gaining links is not as valuable as it used to be. A good linking structure within a website will help you in search results. Getting a lot of backlinks will help you much more than reciprocal links will. This is much more helpful. Get a backLink from a webpage with authority will give you a major boost in search results. You should not link to bad websites or URLs that have been banned/penalized from search engines. Make sure the webpage you get a link from is indexed in Google, otherwise the link is worth nothing. If somebody offers a link exchange get the URL and check to see if the webpage that is linking to you is indexed. If it's not indexed in Google then they'll get ranked and you won't get any kind of boost. If you do decide to participate in a Link exchange make sure to follow up and check to make sure they are not using rel='nofollow' or rel='external nofollow' as this will make the link worthless also.

Paid Links Are Harmful To Your Website

Google Is asking webmasters to include the rel="nofollow" in their paid links code. They also have said that they can figure out about 90% of paid links and make them worthless. My advice to you is, if you use a paid link service make sure their is no way of tell that it is a paid link. If their is, then you will be paying for nothing. If you use a paid link service then you need to get smart, or you just might be waisting your time. I recomemend just staying away from any kind of paid links as this is becoming harder and harder to take advantage of.

How Can I Check My Link Popularity?

To check a websites link popularity simply type in site: as a search term in any search engine.