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Inbound Links & The Anchor Text

Why Are Inbound links Important?

Inbound links are some of the most important SEO practices you can do to help you get a good ranking in Search Engines. Google, Yahoo & MSN all put weight on inbound links. So the question is how important are inbound links. You see if I have a website with 100 inbound links and I’m competing with another website that has say 200 links then the one with the most links wins the higher ranking in search engines. Well it’s really not that simple. On page factors make a difference too. You need to have good keyword ratios in order to rank and it also has to do with your website design. Can a search engine spider index my content? If you have all the right onpage optimizing done, then when you start your link building process this will make a potent weapon in your online marketing efforts.

Inbound Links Are Much More Important Than Reciprocal Links

It used to be common that getting a lot of reciprocal links was really important to helping a website get a better rank in search engines. Now days this will still help you, but you need links from closly related websites in order to make this mean something. Having to many reciprocal links with websites that are not realated to you at all can tend to have a negitive effect on your ranking. If your going to run a successful link building campaign you should focus your efforts on attaning high quality inbound links with strong Google PageRank.

Inbound Links & The Anchor Text

Inbound links are important to ranking your website in search engines, but more importantly it is the anchor text used to link to your website is what really make the difference. Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN all put a lot of weight on inbound links. This is considered off-page optimization. Using keywords in your anchor text really tells what a webpage is about. This also has an effect on internal links as well. The keywords contained in the link back to your website are taken into account for what your website will ranked for. Using keywords in you links will help you get a much higher ranking than you realize.

The Anchor Text & On-page Keywords

Try to link to a your webpage using at least one or two keywords if not the entire keyword phrase if possible. If the keywords optimized on the page are the same as the keywords used in the anchor text this will give you a boost in search results. How ever if this depends upon what the page rank of the webpage that linked to you is and how many links are on the same page as your link. So keep this fact in mind when building your links.

Do I Have To Use My Keyword-phrase Exactly How It’s Written?

Using the exact Keyword-phrase will give you a bonus. However this can sometimes prove difficult. A solution to this, use one or brake up the keywords so they are not in exact order. this will still givve you a boost it just won't be as powerfu. Remember anytime you can get a keyword in a link will help your efforts.