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The Importance of Domain Names

What Makes A Domain Name So Important?

Domain names are becoming a very important part of are lives. In business circles, work environments and personal lives. Just how important are they today? Well, they are the name of your business. Think of it like real estate and businesses first rule (location, location, location). Your domain name is your address or location on the internet. It's also your name and identity. That means a bad name could cause people to come to your site and leave or never come to your website at all. Maybe just because you have a good domain name you get traffic to your website from direct type-ins. You also need a name that's easy to remember. Trust is another factor if you plan on opening an online business. You will need a name if you ever want to make any kind of sale. Subdomains just won't do. A domain name is also important for generating links to your website. Also it makes it easy for other webmasters to link to you.

Why Should I Buy My Domain Name Now? Domain Speculation

All over the web, people have looked up other company names and bought their domain name. In the hopes that one day they will need that domain name. Then they can resell that domain name back to that company for a lot more than they first paid. The bigger the company the higher the cost to buy. This will not work for a trademarked company though. In any case there is an industry called domain speculation. This is where they buy domain names that they think could turn a profit, for hundreds to thousands of dollars. Hey, did you know the person that sold, sold it for 7 million dollars. Even if your not a business it might be a good idea to register your own name as a domain name. Other wise you might find that if you need it later it's gone. The thing is that if you have an idea for a business name, it's a good idea to register the domain name now before someone beats you to it. That way when your ready you'll have the name you need. Most domains sell for under 10 dollars. Better to pay $10 now than hundreds to thousands dollars or you may never get the one you need for your company.

Domain Names In The Work Place

In most work places, the employees name has become the main ID attached to the company's email address. Example includes -

Domain Names Are Very Important

Domain names are like fingerprints. No two are the same. So there's no one out there that has the same name as you anywhere in the world. My own email address or URL is completely unique. It's impossible for two or more people to have the same domain name.

We're privileged to be able to pick our own domain name and email address, as long as it’s not already taken by somebody else. This is getting incredibilty, but not surprisingly, more difficult to do now that the internet and computers have become such a vital part of our lives. Nevertheless, I think we all realize the importance of having a domain name in this day and age.

Having Your Own Domain Name Means That You Have A Home

A place where people that want to find you, can quick and easy. If Search Engines know about you, then having to change your address would mean certain death if you’re an online business. Also it helps to get a name that reflects your business. It gives you creditability that people tend to take more seriously and trust. People tend not to trust subdomains when it comes to a business or online store

Would you trust some one at

Or would you trust someone more from

So Remember Why It's Important To Get A Domain Name

For an online business this could mean the difference between a new customer or losing one. It could also mean the difference between an one time or returning visitor. It also makes it easy for people to remember your site. In any case, if they like it, they might recommend it to a friend. This will help build traffic to your website over a period of time.