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How Owning Your Own Domain Can Generate More Web Income

Owning Your Domain Name Gives You Control Of Your Website & Business

You need to register a domain name. By having your own domain you are in control of your site and your business. This will give you the ablity to project your personality into your site and to design a site that will stand out in the crowd. Having a domain name makes your site unique and allows you to do the most important task. Optimizing your site for search engines. We do how ever reconmend consulting a professional search engine maketing company. By having a professional search engine marketer optimize your website you will receive targeted traffic from search engines. This will increase your business and open up opportunities to generate lots of new customers. This can be done by generating traffic to your website via organic, local and/or pay per click. The sites that appear on the right hand side of the page in Google are Adwords adverts which are pay per click adds. The sites that appear in the main body of the page starting on the left are free and are known as organic. It’s also been proven that the first place people look is the web pages in the top left hand part of the page. This is where you want to position yourself to generate the most traffic from a search term.

With your own domain name your advertising options will not be so limited, as they are with affiliated urls, so sites just won’t accept them. Also imagine if you were one of a few thousand affiliates belonging to the same program, you would all have the same url. If you had your own Domain name you could still join a few affiliate programs and then advertise those programs on your own site. Among other things, you could create your own splash pages for different programs; add a fly-in, a pop-up, contextual adverts or Google Adsense. With your own domain name your options are unlimited. Think of the possibilities.

Linking Is Easy When You Have Your Own Domain Name

If you ever intend to rank ever on Google, Yahoo, or MSN then your going to need a domain name. This makes it easy for other to link back to your website.

Free Web Tools Are A Great Feature To Offer On Your Website

Thus enabling visitors to check their link popularity, or Alexa Rate for example. This also encourages visitors to return. Adding a small script enabling visitors to bookmark your site. You can also offer freebies like e-books.

You can of course, have the option of adding video and RSS feeds to your site. Thus linking to your blog as well as all the other technical things available.

You would also be able to add your own email autoresponder campaign that automatically follows-up with your website visitors who subscribe to your Newsletter. So whenever you want to add new products, re-arrange your site layout, change the color scheme or anything you want, you can do it all instantly.

The list of thing you can do when having your own domain name is limitless. Having your own domain name gives you total freedom on the Internet. So having your own domain name increases you Internet marketing option and generates more web income.

So as you can see it’s very important to have a domain name. it’s your Internet identity. Without one your chances are very slim to reach the people that want your information, service or product. Having a domain name makes you unlimited, while not having one makes you just disappear.