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The Basics Of Domain Name Registration

So your looking to rank for keywords on the search engines. This can feel like a complicated puzzle. Their are a couple of ways you can use your domain name to help boost your search engine rankings.

Show That Your Website Is Here To Stay With Your Domain Name

Domain names are really starting to become extremely important with ranking in Google. It's not the keyword of your domain, or the history of the domain. It the facct on how long you have registered your domain. Most registrars don't let you register a domain name longer than 10 years, how ever their are some that will let you but they are rare. Registering a domain name for several years show that your here to stay it show Google that you intend to stick around for quite some time. This will earn you creit in Gooles eyes. So if your really looking to start a build a website it should be wworth your while to register a domain name for the maxim of 10 years. It also tells the earch engines that they aren’t some spammer site that’s going to show up and get their money, and leave. That's a very important thing to when considering when registering domain name.

Some webmasters may have a problem with this because they don’t have the budget for additional years of registration, or they don’t wanted to register a site for a long time when they haven’t proven to themselves that the site will be successful. They don’t want to invest money in registering domain name, when they don’t even know if the project is going to get off the ground.

With that in mind you need to decide how important, are your rankings in Google going to be to your website. Will it be your primary marketing effort? A smart thing is to consider are professional search engine marketer. They know how to generate leads that will help you succeed. Sure it will cost you money up front but in the long run the new customer they generate will increass your business and in the long runpay for it's self