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Using Expired Domain Names - 101

So What's All This Talk About Expired Domain Names?

Thousands of Domain names expire everyday and can be used by others. If you looking for traffic or you want to resell your domain name for a profit, expired domains names can be a valuable resource.

Definition Of An Expired Domain Name

What is an expired domain name - An expired domain is a domain name that has been used by a person in the past, and is no longer being used.

Expired domain names may have had a designed website once before, been advertised in the past, have links still associated with it. Or used by another company to conduct business.

Why are valuable domains ever allowed to expire?

There are many reasons. Including but not limited to -

  • Not enough funds to renew them
  • Invalid contact e-mail address
  • Loss of interest in online world
  • Closing down of business
  • Lack of knowledge about the value of domain names
  • Being away at time of domain name renewal
Whatever the case, the domain name is now an option for you. It can be used by designing a website on it or to divert traffic to your existing website via a 301 redirect.

The main reason for taking over an expired domain is the traffic. It's impossible to know the exact amount of traffic that a particular expired domain name has. However, the analysis of some specific aspects lets you gauge the amount of expired traffic.

An Expired Domain Name- What Is Link Popularity

This gives you an estimate of the number of portals or webpages that are linked to the expired domain. The more links the higher the possibility is for future traffic. A high link popularity on an expired domain name has the better chances of quality traffic.

An Expired Domain Name - Alexa Rank

An Alexa toolbar keeps tabs on the number of hits for a domain. It will then award a rank based on this. If a site has no traffic for 3 months then it will then be automatically dropped by Alexa. So look for an alexa rank to get an idea about the number of visits and a domain names worth.

An Expired Domain Name - Google's PageRank

So what is PageRank? PageRank is a value that Google gives a webpage based on the number of quality incoming links. The popularity of a web page is ranked on a scale of 1 to 10 and this is called a Google PageRank. This ranking system takes into account the number of quality web pages that have links to the web page. Normally the homepage of a web page would have the highest PageRank.

An Expired Domain Name - Directory Listings and Search Engines

An expired domain might have already been indexed in search engines. The previous domain owner may have already paid for registrations in different search engines like Yahoo. If you take over an expired domain these listing are transferred to you automatically. You can do your own research by typing in the URL at these directories to see if they are listed. Being included in top search engines does not guarantee Continuous vists, but it certainly will increase the chances of getting worthy traffic.

If you do not want to use the expired domain name yourself, you can easily turn around and sell it. The longer a domain name has been registered the more value it has. A domain name is very much like wine the older it get the more value it has.

An Expired Domain Name - A Word Of Warning

If you choose to use an expired domain name you must do your research. Just as much as an expired domain can bring good to your website, it can also do you major harm. If you decide to buy an expired domain name without research, there is a chance that domain name has been band from search engines altogether. Giving little value as this will be unusable So make sure to do your research.

Expired Domains - How Can I Receive Traffic From Them?
Can I Profit From An Expired Domain Name?

Those are two very important questions you are asking yourself. Here is the bottom line. You are probably like most on-line entrepreneurs. You have been struggling to snatch your share of that whirl wind of traffic that you hear about from every guru wannabe out there.

Chances are you have probably invested strongly in banner ads, classified ads, search engines or even spent a pile on so-called "safe lists" only to find yourself disappointed again and again. There is a perfectly legal, outrageously effective, traffic generation technique that, until now, has gone relatively unnoticed by the masses. What if you could recover existing web traffic that is currently being overlooked and basically being flushed down the toilet? What if you could get that traffic for a fraction of what other advertising methods charge? Expired domains might be an option to mull over. Every day over 3 million hits of targeted traffic are lost due to abandoned web sites.

Take A Look In The Past - A Domains History

A certain amount of caution needs to be taken when using an expired domain for any purpose. Make certain you do a bit of homework to make sure the previous website was not an adult site. Occasionally the domain name may not necessarily reflect the former content. There is a tool that can be used to determine the history of the site. Best of all, it's free. Check out the wayback machine. If you are looking for alternative ways to generate traffic to your site, expired domains might be a good investment. Just make sure you do the proper research and so you don't end up buying an expired domain that's been banned for search engines.