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The Domain Name An Overview

A Good Domain Name Can Really Make A Difference
When It Comes To Website Traffic

For whatever reason business or personal use, before a website can exist there must be a domain name. When you register a domain name their are some important things you must consider. The right name can really make a difference.

What Is A Domain Name?

A domain name is your Internet identity, you home on the web.

Keep Your Domain Name Short & Simple

If your website is a business keep it short. Whether you want to print it on business cards or display it on a billboard, making the domain too long or too complicated may make it too hard for potential customers to remember your name in one reading or recall later.

Make Your Domain Name Easy To Remember

Your customer won't always have a pen with them, or maybe they won't even think about your domain name or website until later. Short, simple, and easy to remember can be important.

Think About Keywords In Your Domain Name

Although we won’t get into Meta Tags right now. Keywords are an important part of search engine marketing and search enigne ranking. If have your keywords in your domain name this can help you if your tey to rank in a non competitive or local nitch.

Cute Is Nice, But... Not For A Domain Name

Some people try to make their domain name memorable. They try using puns, jokes, wordplay, or even number combinations. Most of the time this gets people into trouble and discorages visitors for visiting your website.

Your Domain Name To Dash (-) Or Not To

Their has been a lot of talk about whether to put a hyphen in a domain name. This can sometimes work. Only if done right. I would try to keep it simple. Don’t get too crazy. You must clearly show that it exists in any print ads or representations. You must also tell people clearly when verbally telling them your domain name. the dis advantage is that you must go to great lengths to make sure that your listener understands the hyphens must be inserted.

Your Domain Name extension

Should I get a .com or some other extension. Will I be ok to use a .biz or .us? What does that mean? Most people are familiar with .com and .net. Your domain name whether verbally or in writing, make sure they see or hear the extension that you choose.

Branding - A Domain Name

When it comes to large corperations a domain name may be associated with a branded product or easily recognized. Wal-Mart and Ford are great example of a branded domain name. Yahoo, Google, YouTube, and amazion are also great example of a branded domain name.