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Why Hide Your Personal Information From A Whois Search

It's a bummer that companies in charge of domain names will make you pay to cloak your e-mail address. That way you won't get thousands of emails from spammers. It's unfortunate you should have to pay for someone else who's manipulating the domain name registration companies. It would make sense that the domain name registrars would block out spiders bots, which come in and scrape all the e-mail addresses from their entire system. The domain name registration companies do not block out these people, even though they are spamming people illegally. Now we have to pay extra money to cloak our e-mail address from the domain name registration public lists.

Why Should We Have To Pay For What Other People Are Doing?
I Already Paid The Domain name Registration Process

There is no reason these companies cannot simply hide everybody's e-mail addresses from the public. It make no sense at all that they would want to charge a yearly fee. On one hand we have the Federal Trade Commission, which is unable to rid the world of spam and then we have the domain name registration companies refusing to try to limit people trying to get your e-mail address from their databases. It seems to me that this is an identity theft issue and the scraping of e-mail addresses is used in an illegal behavior and therefore the Federal Trade Commission should do something about it. There is no reason that people should have to pay to hide their e-mail address.

To think the domain name registration companies can charge people anywhere between $9 & $18 per year to hide your e-mail address. All the domain name registration companies have to do is hide is their database. The truth is that the domain name registration companies could hide your email but don't. They see it as a way to make more money and they use it that way.

The disadvantage to not paying is that your email address in the public records will get spamed on a constant basis. You can always use an email that is not your main email address on your public registration records and save your self a little bit of money.