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Additional Things To Think About When You Choose
A Domain Name

How do you expect to be found by people who don't know the name of your business?

Your is great for printing on business cards, letterheads, signs and banners. A lot of times invoices get filed or business cards get lost at the time when you need the information the most. Having a domain name the same as your business makes it easy to find you. There are 3 categories of domain names to be chosen in order to make your domain name work for your website. I'll go over all 3 and why you'll need one from each of them.

Your Domain Name A (.net .gov .org .edu or .com)?

It would be better to choose a .com if you're a business, and a .net .gov .org .edu if you belong to some kind of organization. It might be all right to even choose extensions, .info, .us, .biz or .tv if it fits right with your business. I would recommend some research before using it though. The best would be a .com and the second being a .net.

Your Domain Name Is Your Name

What I mean is Your name. I don't mean your business name, I mean your name. This makes a lot of sense if you do any kind of freelance work. For instance if you work in a specialized field like real estate or you work as a costume designer in the film indusrty. Having your domain name as your name can make it easy for people to find you. All they have to do is remember your name.

Do you belong to a networking group or Chamber of Commerce? As you get involved in those organizations, people may not remember your business name (because you don't use it to introduce yourself, do you?), but they'll likely remember your name. They may not always have your business card available, but will remember your name. They may do a search of your name to see what pops up. An actor is a great example. There are many other industries where that will apply as well.

So what if someone already has Then find a domain name that contains your name and add a word or phrase that is pertinent to what you do. Jane Smith has a cooking utensil web site called Cooking Stuff Online, so she could use So as you can see, using your name as your domain name can be very useful depending on the industry or business your in.

Having A Keyword Based Domain Name

When deciding a domain name your 3rd option is to pick a keyword based domain name. Search engines give you an extra boost in search results when you use a keyword based domain name. A great example is This would help you rank for the keywords LA headshot photography in Google, Yahoo, or MSN. This does does not give the same kind of boost if your keywords are not in the same order as your keyword domain name. Just keep in mind that on competitive search terms this is not the definitive factor in ranking for a keyterm. Keyword based domain names can give you an edge in search engines but can be beaten when compeating with a professional SEO.

Consulting A Professional Search Engine Marketer

If your looking to take your business online it's a good idea to consult a professional. Page Propeller is a full service online marketing company. There are many factors to consider when creating an online business or taking a offline business online. Their is a market for just about anything. Most offline businesses are not taking advantage of how many new customer they can generate each and every month. If your looking to seriously take advantage of your online potential, consult a professsional. Page Propeller is known as one of the most cutting edge online advertising company. Contact Page Propeller at (877) 525-7243