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The Negitives Of Choosing To Use A Subdomain

Looking To Start A Website Then You Need A Domain Name

So you're looking to start an online business. This can be a really fun thing to do in your spare time. Starting an online business can be very profitable. One of the biggest mistakes can be not taking it seriously. Remember just because it's an online business doesn't Mean you should take it less serious than you would your daytime job. When you run an online business it should be taken very seriously. That is if you want to make any money.

One of the most important aspects of any online business is the domain name. This is where most new online businesses make their first big mistake. This is where they choose one of those cheap, or free domain name providers to represent their online business. This is a critical mistake.

Domain Name Vs. Subdomain Name (An Example)

Let's say your starting a computer repair business. Which one of the following domains look better or

The first domain name is a TLD (top-level-domain). The second is a subdomain name

So What Did We Learn About Domain Names Vs. Subdomain Names

Free domain name providers and cheap domain name providers would have you believe that their cheap subdomain is just as good as a TLD (top-level-domain). This is simply not the case. Online shoppers expect your online business to be located on a TLD (top-level-domain). If they find your website on one of these cheap or free domain name services you've just lost 50% of your potential customers. They'll click back and look at the next search results in Google, Yahoo, or MSN.

Free domain names make you look cheap, and show that you don't want to invest in your business. It also shows that you don't take your customers seriously, and looks terrible on business cards. Cheap domain names and free domain names make you look like an amateur. There isn't any benefits to cutting corners on your domain name? A domain name can cost as little as $10 a year or less. That's 4 cents per day.

Sudomains another Disadvantage

Another problem with subdomains is that search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN have problems indexing them. Well they still get indexed but if your site is about cars and your listed on a subdomain. You could get listed in search results that have little or nothing to do with what your site is about. Unless your just placing family pictures and really it's not for any other reason than for fun. Then A subdomain might be OK, but if your site is of any importance you will need a domain name. Having a subdomain also make it really hard to link to your site. This will killer your Internet presence. A lot of times when you have a subdomain they display adds on your site making it hard to have any kind of credibility. A domain name is very cheap. If you can't get a .com you have my other extensions you can choose from and they could even be under 5 dollar.