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Buying A Used Domain Name For Traffic

How You Can Use A Expired Domain To Drive Traffic To My Website

So you have a website already. Do you need to drive traffic to your website? What if I told you a way to drive traffic to you website, would you be interested? Their is a technique that you can use to drive traffic to your website. So your got indexed in Yahoo and Google, but you still need traffic. It takes time before search engines begin to work, but what about right now. I can show you a way to get traffic to your website right away.

Using A Domain To Bring Traffic Right Away

Their are many websites that exists on the internet. Some have traffic some don't. What you will need is to find a domain name that is indexed and that has visitors and then you need to buy that domain name. Buying a domain name is easy, but finding one that already has traffic is not. This will be the hardest part. What your looking for is a domain that already has a website and has been around for a while.

Where To Find A Website That Has Traffic

So your fist step when your looking to drive trafficc is to find a domain with a website that is currently in operation. You should check out First go to Sedo and perform a search under a catagory that's close to your own business. That way you get one that's the same as your website or closly related to. Then perform a search and choose sort by traffic. Prices vary, but what your looking for is something in your budget. Try to find a domain name that still has a website. Some domains have lot's of traffic but your best be will be to buy a domain that currently has a website online.

Using A 301 Redirect To Send The Traffic To Your Website

Once you buy your domain you will then need to send the traffic to your website. How can I do that? After you buy domain name you will then need to set up a 301 redirect to you main website.You also have the option to use domain masking when redirecting your domain.

Thing To Consider When You Buy A Domain Name

Don't buy any domain names that's not indexed in Google. Don't buy a domain name that's out if your business theme as this will be very untargeted traffic. When you buy domain name choose one that's closely related to you website

How Much Traffic Can A Website/Domain Name Bring To Your Website?

Domain Inform has used this technique it works. So how much traffic can this technique really bring to your website? Well if your smart and you get a domain at the right price then let's just say that Domain Inform gets over 20,000 extra visitors a month just from one domain alone. So I bet you next question is how much did you have to pay for that? Well the truth is we bought the domain name for around $310 is all. A wonderful way to get traffic to your website fast ha?