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The A-B-Cs of Domain Name Registration

Things to think About Before Registering A Domain Name

Before you decide to on registering domain name. Know the facts, registering domain name is easy. Finding the perfect domain name is not. There are thousands of possibilities for your domain name, but their's only one domain name you can choose for your website. So you have to make it count. Here are some pointers.

Keep Your Domain Name Simple

A domain name should be simple so visitors will remember it easily. What's easier to remember - three or four words, or only one or two words? Obviously a short and simple domain name is easier to remember. The shorter the name, the less likely people are to misspell it. Your goal in choosing a domain name should be to find one that is easy to remember, easy to spell, and will stand out in the minds of visitors. It should be related to your products and services, or website theme.

Domain Name Registration - Tips

Avoid using initials. Like for example john Fitzgerald Kennedy used as JFK. So it would be a bad idea to use instead of Whether it is your business name, or your name. Intitials do not describe anything at all about your website's theme. Visitors will not remember it unless you promote it heavily on national television and all over the Web.

Domain Name Registration - Pricing

It doesn't matter if you pay $10 or a $100,000 dollars you still getting the same thing. A domain name is a domain name. Unless your getting free hosting with your domain or if your getting a free domain name with your webhosting. So shop around when you decide to get your domain name.

Check To See If Your Domain Name Is Available

You can visit almost any web hosting site to check the availability of a domain name. Never assume a domain name is available just because you decided to type in a URL and you did not see a website or any other site show up. It could still be registered. If a domain name is not showing online, it could be that the site's server is down at the moment, the owner is still designing a new web site and hasn't put it online yet, or the owner might be trying to sell the domain name. When you check to see if the domain name is available, you do not have to purchase it from the site where you checked. You can purchase it from any company that offers domain name registration, once you know it is available. So do your research and check a domain name registry to find out about the status of A domain name.

Beware Of Expired Domain Names

If you are considering buying an expired domain name, do your research. It used to be that getting an expired domain name could help your search engine rankings, but Googles algorithim knows when a domain's I.P. Address AKA(domain name sever) has been changed. This in turn does not give you the desired boost that you once was able to get, (credit or Page rank) from an aged domain. Do some research and take a look using the wayback machine. This is also a great tool to find out a history of a domain name & research a company. Overall a very useful tool. If your looking to use an aged domain it is best to buy a domain with a website that is active untill the time of purchase. It should also be the same type of site that it was before. A good example would be buying an old pet store website and then creating a new pet website. Just as long as it uses the same general theme as to say. Their is a chance that the expired domain you choose to buy has bad history. This could have been used to host spam websites, viruses, ileagal goods and or services. In this case it will turn out to be a bad investment. So be careful and do your research.