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3 Quick Tips for Choosing the Right Domain Name

This section talks about 3 quick tips that will help you in deciding your domain name. A name that distinguishes your business from others on the Internet, allows Internet users to find your website quickly and easily. In order to allow Internet users to find your website quickly and easily, keep the following 3 tips in mind.

Make Your Domain Name Short & Sweet

When choosing a domain name, one of the secrets is. The shorter the name, the easier it is for a customer to remember. This makes it easer for an existing customer to refer other customers to your website, because it's really easy to remember your domain name. In this day and age people that are looking for information have very little patence. Make it easy for people to refer your website. This is not uncommon in the marketing world this is the same statagy as branding your company. A domain name that sticks in peoples heads and is easy to remember.

Using keywords In Your Domain Name

Choosing a keyword rich domain name makes it search engine friendly. Search Engines such as Google are the number one place to advertise products for your online business. Try using main keywords or phrases that will trigger results that reflect the type of business your in. Never guess if you don't know. You must research this, You can do this by searching Googles Adwords Keyword Tool or Overtures Keyword Tool. Search the keywords you think you would use. If you don't get that many searches for it then don't use it. You will get the best results if you choose keywords with heavy searches.

For example, if you specialize in selling jewelry, include the word jewelry in your domain name. If silver jewelry is all you sell, use the phrase silver jewelry. Don't be too broad. If you have a wide-ranging product base, don't be too specific. With this in mind that brings you closer to registering domain name.

Make Your Domain Name Relevant

Make sure your domain name is relevant to what you are selling. This helps when customers search for products or services you comapny offers. Common sense will come in handy at this point. Visulize what you would expect from a online store. Making your Website easy for customers and adding value to your website make your converson rate increase. An good example might be form a website where the compay sells fishing lures. Which website would you be more likely to take the time to visit or I'm sure like most internet shoppers, would more than likely opt for fishing lures as this sounds much more professional. Don't forget the 3 S's- Short, Smart, and Significant. I wish you luck in choosing your domain name.